Frequently asked questions

What is trustfunding?

Trustfunding details all trusts included within DSC publications and many which aren't and is regularly updated throughout the year.

Is it relevant for non-profit organisations?

Yes, trustfunding is relevant, however if you are not a registered charity it is always worth checking the exclusions box for application criteria.

Is it relevant outside the UK?

The site primarily features funders that are registered either with the Charity Commission for England and Wales or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator which fund organisations working in the UK. However, the site does contain trusts and foundations whose beneficial areas lie outside of UK boundaries such as developing countries.

Does DSC sell books about trusts?

Yes. A Guide to the Major Trusts Volumes 1 & 2 and The Directory of Grant Making Trusts are three of the most popular. Publications and purchasing information is available at the DSC website.

How many trusts are on the site?

The site contains over 4,500 trusts with the majority having the potential to distribute at least £25,000 per annum.

How has the data on application rates been gathered?

We surveyed all of the trusts in our Directory of Grant-Making Trusts publication and asked how many applications they received during the latest financial year for which information is available, how many of them were ineligible and how many applications were successful.

Their responses have been added to their entries - some provided partial information while others provided data for all three questions. As trusts and foundations are not legally required to provide this information in their annual reports and accounts it isn't common practice to keep a detailed record of this data.

Through our ongoing research we hope to be able to build on this data and record as much of this information as possible for the trusts on the site.

How much do the trusts give in total?

Approximately £3.6 billion is available each year.

How often will I receive an update alert?

This depends on which individual trusts or search criteria you have saved in your profile. You will only receive update alerts if the update relates to the information you have saved, and there may not be any new information available for some time. However, every subscriber who has opted to in their profile will receive a bulletin each month, which will include information on which trusts have been updated.

I can't log on - what do I do?

The vast majority of logging in problems are caused by typing errors. Please carefully retype your email address and password.

If you do not have your password, please enter your email address and then click the ‘Lost password?’ button (this can be found on the Home Page of each site). You will automatically be sent your password. Time span less then 2 minute wait.

If your organisation holds a multi-user license please contact the main account holder in your office for your log in details.

I am already subscribed but whenever I look for funding it takes me to re-subscribe page.

Just a slight change to your computer settings or accidently logging out requires you to log back in.

I want to re-subcribe but I keep getting a message saying ‘user already exists’ with this email address

Log in to the site as normal and go into Profile tab (on the toolbar). In the Basic details tab, click the red Renew button. For the Renew button is found at the bottom of the Basic details page.

To re-subcribe to a multi-user account, you must be the account holder. First log in to the multi-user acount section. Then click on the red Renew button. 

You can also ask customer services to take the order over the phone.

08450 77 77 07

I want to change my contact details

You can change your contact details yourself via the site. Simply log in to the site and select Profile (on the toolbar). When you change your email address this will become your new username. You will need to use the new email address next time you log in. After you have finished, click Save Changes.

I need to change the multi-user account administrator OR add OR delete users

Please contact the main account holder in your office for your login details. If you have the account name and password go to the relevant website and click Multi-User Account Maintenance section to add/remove users (located just below user login).

If the multi-user account administrator has left the organisation without giving login details please contact

I am not getting any updates...

Have you ticked the box beside ‘Tick the checkbox if you would like to receive news and updates from the DSC’ located in Profile (on the toolbar) > Basic Details.

When searching for trusts/companies, make sure you select ‘Save Search’. You will then be emailed about any changes or updates on these trusts/companies.

For ensure you have selected all areas and focuses relevant to your organisation in your profile. You will then receive updates when other relevant funding opportunities are added/updated.

I want to subscribe to a sister site

If you subscribe to Trustfunding, Companygiving, Grantsforindividuals or Governmentfunding you should first log in. There is the option to subscribe to other sites, using your existing details on the Home Page.

For all other enquires please email Customer Services at: or call 08450 77 77 07.